Special Session

The Nevada Legislature will convene for the 32nd Special Session on Friday, July 31.


The global pandemic and rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has created a watershed moment for change. Thousands of Nevadans have taken to the streets to demand an end to racist policing and police violence. Legislators must rise to the occasion during the second special session to:


★ Fix our unemployment system,

★ Prevent mass evictions,

★ Provide protections for workers,

★ Hold police accountable and,

★ Ensure vote by mail for our November election.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I watch the special session? 

Tune in on the Nevada State Legislature’s website or their YouTube account to see live streamed sessions.


How do I give public comment? 

By Phone: Each day the agenda lists a phone number to call and a passcode for either the Assembly or Senate. They will take comment in two ways.

  1.  General comments at the beginning or end of the meeting.
  2. Testimony in favor, opposition, or neutral on a bill during its hearing.

By Email: You can submit written comments via email to the Senate at SenCOW@sen.state.nv.us and the Assembly at AsmCOW@asm.state.nv.us.


By Poll: The legislature also has an opinion poll where you can provide comments to specific bills available.


How do I find out who my representatives are? 

You can look up your elected officials on the legislative website.


Where can I read the bills? 

The Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS) has links to each of the bills and the exhibits submitted in support or opposition.


Where can I learn more? 

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