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  • Bethany Khan – Chair
  • Quentin Savwoir – Treasurer
  • Daela Gibson – Secretary
  • Jeri Burton
  • Michelle Maese

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To contact any organizer or for press inquiries, please email info@planevada.org or call 775-348-7557

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Laura Martin

Executive Director
North Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Laura is the Executive Director of Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada or PLAN. Laura started organizing and coalition building in college during the invasion of Iraq. She moved from her hometown of Colorado Springs to Las Vegas to work with SEIU on electing a president committed to health care for all. Next, Laura joined Americans for Democratic Action to organize low-income communities of color around kitchen table issues. Eventually joining PLAN in 2011 – first as a volunteer, then organizer and communications director – Laura’s leadership is on display in her current role as Executive Director. She is the first woman, and first Black person to lead PLAN in the organization’s 27-year history. Additionally, Laura serves on the Western States Center board, as well as the board for Earthworks and People’s Action, and a graduate of Emerge Nevada. Just recently, Laura was chosen as a 2021-22 National Leading from the Inside Out Yearlong Fellow by the Rockwood Leadership Institute. Each year, Rockwood selects nationally recognized leaders to participate in transformative yearlong fellowships. These prestigious executive fellowships have emerged as one of the nation’s leading learning laboratories for experienced social change leaders.[/bg_collapse]

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Erika Castro

Organizing Director
Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Erika started volunteering with PLAN to help fight for immigration reform. She became a staff member in 2015 as a mining justice organizer. She recently took over the immigrant rights organizing responsibilities and leads the Nevada Immigrant Coalition. Erika is a graduate from the College of Southern Nevada and currently attends the University of Nevada Las Vegas to obtain her Bachelors in Social Work. When she isn’t fighting for all the things that put People and Planet First, you can find her having brunch with friends or on a hike enjoying the outdoors.[/bg_collapse]

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Lizette Becerra

Senior Citizenship Specialist

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Lizette is currently a student at the University of Nevada, Reno. She began with PLAN as a volunteer in our Citizenship and Immigration program in 2015, and became a staff member officially in 2016. As a first generation Mexican American she is passionate about assisting our immigrant community just as her parents were helped when they arrived in this country many years ago.[/bg_collapse]

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Elvira Diaz

Senior Organizer- Civic Engagement

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Elvira was born in México City, Mexico, and immigrated to the United States in 1986, becoming a US citizen in 1992. In the 1990s, Elvira organized the Latino community in Orange County, CA to oppose Proposition 187, which prohibited undocumented immigrants from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services in the state of California. She later founded the local chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens in Orange County. Elvira moved to Nevada in 2005 and continued to organize the Latino community. She has worked with the PLAN since 2010, organizing immigration advocacy, LGBT awareness and advocacy, and started the “Tu Voto Cuenta” campaign to register Latinos to vote. In 2012, Elvira was recognized by President Obama as a Champion of Change for her work with the Latino community in Nevada.[/bg_collapse]

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Hector Fong Jr

Communications and Digital Strategy Director
Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Hector joined PLAN following the 2020 general election as the Communications Manager. Hector is a first generation Mexican-American, born and raised in East Las Vegas, the son of a casino worker and construction laborer. Hector began his advocacy in high school against the systemic inequalities in education for low-income and immigrant students. Immigration is an issue that hits close to home for Hector, and had led him to begin working with Make the Road Nevada in 2019. There he was able to work on campaigns that ensured immigrant and working class voices were being represented and uplifted. Hector earned his Associate’s degree at College of Southern Nevada graduate and Bachelor’s at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, majoring in Political Science.On his off time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Karla, and his Husky, Clem.[/bg_collapse]

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Mindy Browne

Operations Manager
Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Mindy joins PLAN with 10 years of experience working in Human Resources & Training/Development in Hospitality. She is looking forward to applying her knowledge to the non-profit sector and to all of the new knowledge she will acquire working with Planistas. She is a born and raised Las Vegas local and the mother to two independent little girls. In her free time, she is pursuing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and enjoys traveling to Disneyland & New Orleans.[/bg_collapse]

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Danielle Fitzgerald

Deputy Organizing Director
Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Danielle (you can call her Fitz!) is a native of Las Vegas that’s passionate about policy change that puts the interests of the people before the interests of corporate profit. She started organizing with NextGen NV in 2018-2020, focusing on educating and mobilizing the #youthvote across a majority of college campuses in the state. In 2022, Fitz joined our PLAN Action team as Field Manager to help run a program to motivate disengaged voters to turn out for progressive candidates. Since 2023, she has joined PLAN as the Deputy Organizing Director, and is currently managing PLAN’s housing justice and civic engagement campaigns. Outside of work, Fitz is a dating reality tv connoisseur, loves live music, and is studying to become bilingual. [/bg_collapse]

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Jair Guigui

Organizer – Housing Justice
Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Jair’s passion for community organizing began early in life, as he volunteered with multiple organizations that helped fellow Nevadans. After graduating from high school, he joined PLAN as an Electoral Organizer. Later, he moved into the role of Housing Justice Organizer, driven by his desire to make a positive impact in his community. Jair’s family is no stranger to organizing; his parents and siblings have also worked tirelessly to fight for their community. Despite his busy schedule, Jair continues to prioritize his work with PLAN while also making time to cherish moments with his loved ones, including his parents, siblings, and nieces.[/bg_collapse]

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Shanzeh Aslam

Program Manager – Economic Justice
Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Shanzeh was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Her family immigrated to the US when she was very young and was finally granted citizenship in 2011. Shanzeh was raised in Las Vegas and graduated with a BA in Psychology from UNLV. Shanzeh has a passion for organizing communities into spaces to have impactful conversations and work towards justice. Shanzeh joins PLAN as our Economic Justice Program Manager, and works towards bringing the community together to inform and empower. She believes the best way to motivate people to participate is through education and giving folx the tools they need to navigate the world of information available to them. In her free time, Shanzeh can be found painting, traveling, or cuddled up with her pet cat.[/bg_collapse]

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Tamara Favors

Organizer – Housing Justice
Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Tamara is a mom and community organizer, who hails from South Central Los Angeles (never South LA). As a child in California, she had experienced different forms of poverty and discrimination which propelled her to seek justice and equality. In her whole college experience she joined organizing, clubs, conferences, and participated in cross collaboration. In post college, she joined a Americorp program named Public Allies and has an alumni network in the social justice space. In 2020, when the world was shaken, she decided to make a bold move and take her organizing to another state. She worked at Make It Work Nevada, where organized around Black reproductive issues until she transitioned into her role here at PLAN, where she is one of the housing justice organizers.[/bg_collapse]

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Ben Iness

Coalition Coordinator – Nevada Housing Justice Alliance

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Salma Garcia Hernandez

Digital Manager
Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Salma was born in Baja California, Mexico. As a Mexican-born immigrant and activist, she is deeply committed to social justice and its role in enhancing the lives of her community members. She has cultivated a passion for visual arts, embracing photography, graphic design, and videography as means to capture the essence of various movements. Currently, she serves as the Digital Program Manager at the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. Salma has also received certifications in graphic design and digital organizing from Social Movement Technologies and RE:Power.[/bg_collapse]

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Leslie Vega

Climate Equity Policy Fellow
Las Vegas

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Leslie Vega is the go-to person for making things happen, blending a knack for coordinating big events and campaigns with a warm, engaging approach. From organizing governor’s office initiatives to leading campaign teams for major causes, Leslie’s journey is all about connecting with people and turning ideas into reality. With a background in journalism from the College of Southern Nevada.  Leslie is all about building bridges, whether between communities or PLANistas  all while keeping inclusive.[/bg_collapse]

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Alondra Cruz Torres

Citizenship Specialist

[bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”+” collapse_text=”-” inline_css=”text-align:center;” ]Alondra has been involved with PLAN’s Citizenship and Immigration Program as a client, a volunteer and now as a Citizenship Specialist. She joined PLAN in 2023, shortly after graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno with her Bachelors in Social Work. As a Mexican-born immigrant, she knows the hardships faced by marginalized communities and understands the need and importance of community-based organizations like PLAN. She is inspired by those who have helped her in the past and aims to do the same for the immigrant communities in Nevada. [/bg_collapse]