PLAN Statement on the Passage of Assembly Bill 4

Las Vegas, NV — In response to the Nevada Legislature’s passage of Assembly Bill 4, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada released the following statement:


“Being a bold leader means taking bold actions to protect the people of Nevada and tonight we thank our legislators for doing just that. For far too long we have allowed our state to be taken advantage of by corporations who fail to pay their fair share. Assembly Bill 4 puts us on the right path to change this. AB4 will finally reduce the lucrative tax deductions mining companies are privileged to. As we face this unprecedented $1.2 billion shortfall in our state, we must look to all possible options to protect the healthcare and education of Nevadans and avoid devastating cuts.”


“AB4 prioritizes Nevadans recovery through this economic crisis and calls on mining to pay their fair share. We call on the Senate to do the right thing and put AB 4 on the Governor’s desk. We look forward to keep working with state legislators to find new revenue streams and ensure people and planet are put first.”