PLAN’s Position on Nevada Legislature’s Mining Resolutions

Senate Joint Resolution 1


My name is Laura Martin and I am the executive director of the progressive leadership alliance of Nevada. We are here to testify neutral on SJR1.  In this pandemic we have no doubt supported regular cash payments on the federal level, but we fear potentially trading these (what could be) small payments for future environmental protections including saving our water and lands from toxic, hard rock mining.  One of the greatest examples of the imbalance of power between corporations and the people of Nevada is the hard rock mining industry. And we’ve learned from our friends in Alaska, the kind of harm these types of proposals could potentially cause in the long term. We are also neutral because we were not given an appropriate amount of time to read or assess the bill language, but feel there is a potential to work out a policy that works for all Nevadans and delivers funding to public programs and our social safety net where it would do the most amount of good 


Assembly Joint Resolution 1


Good evening, Christine Saunders here on behalf of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada in support of Assembly Joint Resolution 1. Just weeks ago you heard over and over again from Nevadans demanding that the legislature take bold action and reform our state’s revenue system by making mining pay their fair share. At that time, the price of gold had skyrocketed to $1800 per ounce, but since it has only continued to increase, recently reaching over $1900.Just weeks ago we also decimated our state’s budget, with severe cuts to healthcare and education. We had the option to prevent some of the drastic cuts Assembly Joint Resolution 1 will put this issue to the voters where they can clearly show their stance on the issue without relying on you to take action. I urge your yes vote. Thank you.


During the pandemic PLAN has engaged in “deep canvass” conversations with rural Nevadans who live near active mines. PLANistas from around the state have sent thousands of letters to Governor Sisolak, and members of the Nevada legislature. We have sent text blasts to nearly every legislative district to ask our leaders to engage in the special session, and demand a mining tax, as well as legislation to address policing and the repeal of SB242, and protections for vote by mail.


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