The PLANista – January 2016

We wanted to make sure you were up to date with everything PLAN is doing in Nevada, so we will be producing a newsletter called The PLANista!



With so much going on between Reno, Las Vegas, Carson City, Elko and even Washington DC, we created this newsletter so you can keep up with what we’ve been up to.

In November we attended the Clean Power Plan workshop in Carson City to ensure that the process makes Nevada the leader in a clean energy future. We can’t allow dirty industries to fight to ensue we do the bare minimum. The Clean Power Plan is our opportunity to building an economy that puts people and planet first.

PLANistas at the Reno office before heading to Carson City

Also in November, supporters in Reno hosted a fundraiser in honor of our 21st birthday. We met a brand new citizen from France who was anxious to register to vote. Click here to register to vote online, it only takes a few minutes.

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We’ve supported the Fight for $15 since its inception in Nevada. And for the first time we hosted a Fight for $15 action in Reno, to coincide with Las Vegas’ day of action on November 10th.

PLAN board member Theresa, stand with organizer Erika, as PLANistas and Fight for $15 organizer Jose talks about their campaign to raise the minimum wage and fight for union rights.

Did you know? More than 8 million people are eligible to become US citizens, and if they file before April, they could possible vote in the 2016 election? That’s why we’ve joined with our partners to host free immigration workshops where Nevadans with green cards can get free legal help to finish out the process and become a citizen. Our next citizenship workshop is Saturday January 30th. Click here to RSVP to attend or help us make it a success by volunteering. No legal experience is needed.

Barbs and Laura with our friend and partner Emily from iAmerica

PLANistas traveled to Chicago for the National People’s Action organizer conference where we talked about what we’ve worked on in 2015 and how we’ll move the Long Term Agenda towards a People Planet First economy in 2016. We also participated in a little civil disobedience.

Sending a message to Chicago school system to raise the wage!

In January PLANistas eligible for DAPA, a deferred deportation program for the undocumented parents of US Citizens, met with Senator Reid to discuss upcoming court cases and share their stories. We’re hopeful the Supreme Court will hear the DAPA case this year and rule in our favor to keep families together.

Photo courtesy of Senator Reid's office

We hosted a State of the Union watch party with SEIU Nevada. Watching President Obama’s eighth and final address inspired people to continue to fight for immigration, minimum wage and our planet!

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