Supporting our community

I get notes like this frequently from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) applicants whom PLAN’s own Rosa Molina has successfully helped navigate the system. But this one particularly struck my heart. When we can help people like this young woman succeed, our community and even our whole country is stronger.

The contact information for PLAN’s immigration services office: 4385 Neil Road Suite 105, Reno Nevada 89502. Phone number (775) 236-0240
Bob Fulkerson

Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada


Dear Mr. Fulkerson,

Thank you for the PLAN program you have on Neil Road in Reno, Nevada. I am glad to say that I am finally sending my DACA application today. I was lucky enough to have met Mrs. Molina. She helped me fill out my application and helped guide me. Thank you for the all the help you offer, thanks to this program I have an opportunity to fulfill my dreams in this country. My mother is currently in prison and all of our family was deported due to my mother’s involvements. We are forced to live with my uncle who is an alcoholic and can nearly afford to provide for us. I now have an opportunity to provide for my two younger sisters whom have no one but me. Again thank you for your program, it has brought me another chance to remain in this country.