Take action against fracking in Nevada

This morning our state director sent the following message to our activists. Take a look, and take action to stop fracking in our state!


Dear Activist,

Our friends at the Western Organization of Resource Councils just sent this compelling alert on how you can influence new Bureau of Land Management policies on fracking on federal lands. I’ve pasted it below and encourage you to submit comments today! 

Since our state has not acted to protect Nevada from the dangers of fracking, we must demand federal regulators step in before our fragile lands and precious waters are completely plundered.


Begin forwarded message:


Dear Bob,

This is our last week to tell the Obama Administration that its rules for fracking federal oil and gas wells don’t do enough to protect clean air and water.

Send your comments to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today.

Fracking pumps toxic, cancer-causing chemicals into the ground, threatening water resources. It fouls the air and can lower property values.

Last spring, the BLM first proposed new rules for fracking on federal lands – and for private lands that lie over oil and gas owned by the federal government. They were a good start but, unfortunately, the White House and BLM gave in to pressure from the oil and gas industry and proposed different rules headed in the wrong direction.

The latest requirements for public disclosure of chemicals and well safety tests are weaker, not stronger.

Tell BLM that people living near oil and gas drilling need stronger protections for their health, water, air, property and quality of life.

BLM’s fracking rules should:

  • End the use of open pits to store fracking wastewater.
  • Require all wells to be tested to make sure they are isolated from groundwater. 
  • Require disclosure of chemicals before fracking.
  • Require oil and gas companies to do baseline water quality tests to document whether contamination occurs after drilling and fracking, and share the results with residents.
  • Set “no drill” zones around homes and water supplies.

To comment, go to WORC’s Action Page by noon, Friday, August 23. We’ll deliver your comment to the BLM before the close of the comment period.


Best Wishes,

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  1. There are so many good reasons to follow the rules to protect people living near oil and gas drilling need stronger protections for their health, water, air, property and quality of life and to save our planet.