What the Nevada mining industry doesn’t want you to know

Last night we hosted a community forum about the mining industry with local experts to educate southern Nevadans about the impacts mining has on our environment. Even though the event was in Las Vegas, the Elko Daily Free Press announced the event on the front page of their paper.

Nevadans listen to John Hadder of Great Basin Resource Watch talk Pit Lakes
Today in a letter to the editor, a representative of Governor Sandoval’s Economic Development Office, attacked the newspaper, PLAN, John Hadder of Great Basin Resource Watch and Dr. Tom Myers, suggesting that a newspaper – our free press – should not provide coverage to any person or group the mining industry does not agree with.

The mining industry and the state agencies that support them think we want to end mining in Nevada. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and they know it. They don’t want us to talk because they know the more Nevadans learn about what mining does to our environment, the more people will want to hold the industry accountable for their actions.

Foreign-owned multinational mining corporations think they can use their overwhelming power and influence to control everyone, and they’ve tried this type of bullying in the past; we will not run and hide from these types of tactics.