Administrative relief and a shout out to Astrid

Did you watch?


President Obama announced administrative relief for undocumented immigrants that will save thousands of families from deportation. The President took action where Congress failed.


And on a local note, the President made his point by sharing the story of Astrid Silva, our Las Vegas organizer and leader in Nevada’s immigrant rights movement.


We could’t be more proud of Astrid and are amazed by her determination to pass comprehensive reform and help so many in our community, while her own father faces deportation in just a few months. But thanks to President Obama’s action, this won’t be Astrid’s last holiday season with her family.


We would be nowhere without all the PLANistas who fight everyday for reform and will continue to fight until there is a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million. We are ready for this fight.


Click here to watch the President’s speech