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Community conversation and movie night: Thursday April 21st, 6pm – 8pm


PLAN invites you to come and attend our upcoming Earth Day event. We will be discussing environmental concerns in Southern Nevada. There will be plenty of food and we’ll have a short movie screening of American Outrage. The documentary goes over the Bureau of Land Management’s work against the two Western Shoshone sisters, Mary and Carrie Dann, who were fighting to protect their land from the gold mineral being found near their homes.

President Joe Biden announced his intent to sign an executive order to bolster mining in the United States in an effort to lessen our dependence on fuel from foreign, often hostile, resources. Hard rock mining in the United States is regulated by a 150-year-old law that is not enough to protect Nevada public lands and tribal sovereignty.

Communities in Nevada such as the People of Red Mountain are being threatened by the prospect of lithium mining, this is as well unfortunately true for other native and rural communities in the region.