Environmental justice is one of PLAN’s core founding principles. Since 1994, we have helped lead or support organizing fights against nuclear waste disposal at Yucca Mountain, urban water grabs from rural Nevada, and fracking and transnational gold mining conglomerates. We even helped seed new conservation organizations in Nevada such as Nevadans Against Fracking, the Nevada Conservation League, and the Great Basin Water Network. 


Through our decades of work, we’ve enacted concrete local and state policy changes, such as Nevada’s first renewable energy portfolio standards, net metering, establishing the mining oversight commission, led the successful 2008 sustainable water ballot initiative, and led the fight to reduce cuts from social safety net programs during the pandemic and demand that mining pay their fair share instead.

Nevada has had an economic dependency on mineral extraction since statehood. The interests of extractive industry, primarily mining, have shaped Nevada’s politics and controlled the narrative around economic growth and prosperity. Bcause of that, extractive industries and Extractive industries are particularly harmful to the health of Indigenous communities through both contamination and the destruction of cultural sites. Our initial focus centers on the Indigenous communities of Nevada because of the particular harm to the health and well-being of Indigenous communities that extractive industries and climate change create. During the 2021 Legislative Session

Our climate justice work is focused on building power and solidarity in historically oppressed communities across urban and rural areas of Nevada to build a better future that puts people and planet first over corporate profit.