Voting Information

Important Dates

October 6

Last day to register to vote with a paper form or in person.

October 15

Last day to register to vote online and be guaranteed a mail ballot.

October 17

Early voting begins.

October 30

Early voting ends.

November 3

Election day!

Voting Methods

1. Vote By Mail


⤏ Ballots sent to all active, registered voters

⤏ They must be filled out using a black ink pen

⤏ There is an optional secrecy envelope included

⤏ A legible signature must be on the return envelope

⤏ They must be postmarked by election day

You can sign up for ballot tracking alerts

2. Return at a Dropbox


⤏ Complete ballot as you would by mail

⤏ Return to an official dropbox

⤏ From now until early voting, those dropbox sites are limited to a few government buildings

⤏ During early vote dropbox locations will increase

⤏ Dropboxes are also available on election day

3. Early Vote (10/17-10/30)


⤏ People can vote at ANY early vote location in their county

⤏ Voters need to bring their mail ballot to surrender or they will have to sign an affidavit

⤏ All early vote sites are NOT open during the early vote period; you must check when they’re open

⤏ You can register to vote or update your registration at early vote sites, but bring some mail to verify your address

4. Election Day (11/3)


⤏ Poll workers will be wearing PPE and sanitizing equipment

⤏ You can register to vote on election day, but bring some mail to verify your address

⤏ Voters need to bring their mail ballot to surrender or they will have to sign an affidavit

⤏ Polls close at 7pm, as long as you are in line at that time you will get to vote

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to register to vote by?

If you are not already registered or need to update your registration, you have until October 15th to update it online and still receive a ballot in the mail.

How do I know if I'm an active voter?

You can check the status of your voter registration on the county registrar or Secretary of State’s website.

What's in my mail ballot?

When you get it in the mail it will include a ballot, instructions on how to cast the ballot, a pre-paid postage envelope, and a list of county-wide ballot drop off locations.

When should I have received my ballot?

Ballots are expected to be mailed in early October. If you don’t get your ballot by October 17th, you should call your local election department.

What do I do if I don't receive a ballot in the mail?

There are several ways to request a replacement ballot in Nevada:

  1. Electronic Ballot: Voters may contact the Election Department and request an electronic ballot via email. Voters must have access to email, printer, and a scanner.
  2. Replacement Mail Ballot: Voters may contact their respective county registrar and request a replacement ballot to be sent.

When are ballots due?

Ballots must be postmarked on or before election day and arrive no later than 5pm on the 7th day following the election, November 10th,  to the county clerk’s office.

What if I forget to sign my ballot?

If a ballot is returned without a signature or the voter’s signature does not match the signature on file, the county registrar’s office will reach out by calling and sending an email or letter to the voter. You will then have seven calendar days, from the date the email was sent, to respond. Otherwise, the ballot will not be counted.

What if I don't want to put my ballot back in the mail?

There will be dropboxes available to submit your ballot directly to the county elections office. Again, you’ll receive the list of drop box locations with your ballot.

How do I know if my ballot has been received and counted?

Can someone else turn in my signed and sealed ballot for me?

Yes, it is ok for someone else to return your ballot for you.

Can I still vote in person?

Yes, there will still be early voting and day of voting locations. You will need to bring your mail ballot to surrender before voting. If you have lost it or never received one, you can still vote but the ballot will be provisional until it is confirmed you did not submit a mail ballot.

Last legislative session the state approved same day voter registration. Is that still a thing?

Yes, you will be able to register and vote in person on election day.