Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada was founded in 1994 by Nevada activists to build a more fair and just Nevada that puts people and planet first. We organize with front line communities and directly impacted leaders for policy changes and community investments that improve the lives of Nevadans

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Rachel Mosley

Rachel Mosley My name is Rachel Mosley, I am a Digital Organizer in the Communications Department for PLAN. I am Paiute-Shoshone from Northern Nevada and reside in Reno. My experience has been in News Broadcast, as a Video Journalist. I am skillfully and culturally a storyteller. Everyone has a story to share. My hope is to help amplify voices of those that have been silenced. We need to uplift and listen to those who are constantly being treated unfairly while advocating for justice and equality of life.

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Leslie Vega

Leslie Vega Leslie Vega is the go-to person for making things happen, blending a knack for coordinating big events and campaigns with a warm, engaging approach. From organizing governor’s office initiatives to leading campaign teams for major causes, Leslie’s journey is all about connecting with people and turning ideas into reality. With a background in journalism from the College of Southern Nevada.  Leslie is all about building bridges, whether between communities or PLANistas  all while keeping inclusive.

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