Today’s ruling means that the thousands of DACA recipients will remain in limbo and those waiting to apply are left without protection in the country they call home. But it does not mean our work stops. Our home is here


Las Vegas, NV — Today, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals released a ruling partially siding with the lower courts, that would largely continue the uncertainty around the program and the future for current DACA recipients. DACA and its recipients have endured years of persistent attacks and attempts to dismantle the program by the Trump Administration. The end of  DACA would mean disastrous and devastating effects that would affect more than 14,000 Nevada DACA recipients, their families, and their communities. That is what is at stake, and we will continue to organize to protect DACA recipients and pass a pathway to citizenship. 


PLAN upholds their commitment to defend DACA and advocate for citizenship and freedom for all immigrant communities in Nevada. Our PLAN Citizenship and Immigration Services office will continue to support those who are eligible to renew their DACAs. This October in Reno, we are hosting two free citizenship fairs for all who are eligible. 


As it stands, the current ruling would send the case back to the lower courts for a final ruling on the newest DACA rule issued by the Department of Homeland Security. DACA is and has always been legal, however, it has never been a permanent solution. The deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have called this country home for the majority of their lives will have major impacts on our communities and this country. While DACA continues to make its way through the court system, we need to take action on the current proposals that have been introduced in Congress that would create permanent protections and a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants. 


David Beltran-Barajas, Immigrant Rights Organizer, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, said: 


“DACA recipients have been living in limbo, and it’s time to have a permanent solution that allows us to live our lives in more than two year increments and without the fear of constantly losing that protection. Immigrant organizers from across the country were able to win these protections for our communities, and we will keep organizing until everyone is protected from deportation. The majority of Nevadans are actively supportive of our immigrant communities, and this has been clear with the amount of support we’ve been able to secure for immigrant and refugee families. Year to year, our work continues, whether organizing citizenship fairs and DACA renewal clinics or meeting with our elected officials to push for policies that will keep Nevada a welcoming state for all. As an immigrant organizer, I will continue to fight for a Nevada that allows everyone to thrive with dignity in the place we call home regardless of our immigration status. ” 


Malena DiMaggio, Immigrant Rights Program Manager of Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, said: 


“This decision is yet another step that only leads to more uncertainty for DACA recipients. Our communities who have called this country their home for so long should no longer have to play this constant game of back and forth through court decisions. We need more permanent protections and a pathway to citizenship for all immigrant communities, and there is no better time than right now. We will continue to organizing until we achieve permanent solutions for all undocumented communities in Nevada and nationwide. As our on-the-ground organizing continues, we will keep our communities up to date on the latest information surrounding DACA and any court decisions that follow to ensure our communities are protected.”




The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada was founded in 1994 by Nevada activists to build a more fair and just Nevada that puts people and planet first. We organize with front line communities and directly impacted leaders for policy changes and community investments that improve the lives of Nevadans