We’re Hiring – Intersectional Environmental Justice Mining Accountability Fellow

Position: Intersectional Environmental Justice/Mining Accountability Fellow

Overview of PLAN


PLAN is a multi-issue, multi-constituency coalition formed in 1994 to build collective strategic action among partners. PLAN uses research, public education, leadership development and grassroots organizing to build power and create more humane solutions to Nevada’s problems. PLAN works with diverse constituencies—many of whom do not traditionally work together—and builds bridges so that collectively we can harness the power to influence policy decisions on a wide range of issues.


We work to cross-pollinate issues and leaders to make sure that big mining has an ever-expanding and diverse range of critics challenging the industry and demanding fundamental reforms.


PLAN is also working to build a new narrative in Nevada that looks beyond “extractivism” as an ideology and that forces us to look at the true costs of mining to our economy over the long haul once impacts to water and wildlife are considered.


PLAN’s overall mining accountability goal is to fiercely hold accountable transnational mining conglomerates. Since our mining accountability campaign began just four years ago, we’ve worked hard build critical opposition to mining’s strong-arming of state regulators and to enact state policies to increase safeguards on the mining industry.


Within our EJ program, we also focus on Clean Energy and Climate Justice with a People, Planet First framework to tie all of our programs and efforts together.

Overview of Position & Role


PLAN’s Environmental Justice (EJ) program is looking for a fellow to help further build the EJ mining accountability program’s efforts through the end of December 2017 in both Northern and Southern Nevada. Start date is Oct. 1st, 2017, or sooner depending on the qualified candidate’s availability. Options to expand the end-date or to grow into other staff roles are likely.


This position is responsible for building a powerful base of grassroots leaders who can help win mining and climate justice campaigns that build long-term power and achieve short terms victories. This position will also work closely and in collaboration with our member groups, such as Great Basin Resource Watch (GBRW). This is an exciting position for an individual with a passion for community organizing, racial and environmental justice.

Work Areas and Responsibilities

  • Water Protection Program work
    • Connect with rural communities on water and mining issues
    • Travel throughout Nevada to meet with communities on mining and climate impacts of water.  In particular, but not limited to, rural communities along the Humboldt River, Shoshone communities, people in Diamond Valley, and people in Yerington affected by the Anaconda mine.
    • Assist with project documentation, organization and campaign efforts.
    • Assist with identifying local, national and international trends and impacts as it relates water/climate and mining, and any other intersectional work.
    • Assist in the development of educational materials related to the water protection, climate change and mining accountability work.
  • Research on extractive projects that PLAN are working on
    • Assist in tracking extractive projects – online and notifications.
    • Travel to Carson City with staff from time to time to help gather data.
    • Assist in research and reviewing of some technical documents as possible.
  • Work on protection of sensitive and “untouched” areas from mining exploration and extraction
    • Help to develop and deliver on priority goals.
    • Review mining exploration plans and see how they overlap or are in close proximity to sensitive and unique areas in the Great Basin.
    • Lend support in the comprehensive mining (extraction) impacts analysis report
  • Outreach & In-reach
    • Connect with other regional, national, and international organizations.
    • Help to build a broader base for our reforms in Nevada
    • Travel to communities that are affected by extraction and seek to understand the effects of extraction
    • Team with other organizers under the intersectional analysis of “People, Planet First”
    • Engage community members and organizations in campaigns, with emphasis on communities of color and Indigenous communities; develop relationships with key stakeholders and conduct outreach to unlikely allies;
  • Additional areas and responsibilities
    • As defined and agreed to between the fellow and supervisor

Expected Learning Outcomes for the Fellow

  • gain knowledge about international mining/resource extraction issues
  • learn about state and federal laws regarding extractive industries and how they are applied, and think critically about reforms that are needed.
  • learn more about the Great Basin generally and what constitutes a sensitive and special area both from a governmental and community perspective.
  • learn more about the importance of good stewardship of our land, air and one another, keeping in mind PLAN’s People, Planet First framework
  • Be able to take what has been learned and gained from the time and experiences as a fellow and apply it to everyday life; in addition, be a cross-functional, environmental advocate role model for others in the community



The position pays $15 per hour. 15-20 hrs per week. Start date is Oct. 1st, 2017, or sooner depending on the qualified candidate’s availability.

How to Apply

Submit a resume and a 1-page cover letter to EnvironmentalJustice@planevada.org, with “EJ Fellow” in the subject line by 5pm, Sept. 19, 2017.

Women, Indigenous, and People of Color strongly encouraged to apply.

Learn more about PLAN at http://mdigitalnet.com and it’s Environmental Justice Program at http://ej.planevada.org.


It’ll be fun and rewarding!