PLAN’s Statement on Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

For Immediate release: November 19, 2021

Contact: Hector Fong Jr.,


Killer Kyle Rittenhouse allowed to Walk Free

Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial shows us once again that our justice system is broken


Las Vegas, NV–– Despite killing two people and injuring a third, a jury in Wisconsin found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges. An underage Rittenhouse crossed state lines with an assault rifle to target peaceful protestors at Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd’s murder. The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada released the following statement:


Laura Martin, Executive Director of PLAN, said: 


This verdict is indefensible. Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines, as a minor, to incite violence and cause chaos in the midst of public outcry to stop police brutality and systemic racism. And we’re seeing these same violent outbursts locally at commission hearings, and school board meetings across Nevada. And now these people are being empowered to arm themselves. Rittenhouse’s victims should be alive and he should be held accountable. And our local authorities must insure all Nevdans they will not side with armed vigilantes during peaceful protests. 


“Following Judge Bruce Schroeder’s gross displays of partisan and biased behavior, one thing is certain: voters must participate in every election at all levels of government. We witnessed Judge Schroeder force the court to applaud a defense witness, and shop for cookies in the middle of the trial. We cannot continue to let judges like this run unopposed, we must challenge and vote out judges that continue to uphold systemic racism.” 



The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada was founded in 1994 to bring together diverse and potentially competing organizations into one cohesive force for social and environmental justice in Nevada. Since 1994, our organization has grown from 12 original founding member groups to a current membership of nearly 30 organizations.