Take action: Tell Governor Sandoval to sign these bills into law to strengthen our elections

Our Field Director Howard Watts III explains three bills that are headed to Governor Sandoval’s desk that will strengthen Nevada’s election process should he chose to sign them into law.Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.02.01 PM
The Governor needs to hear from YOU. Making it easier for eligible voters in Nevada to participate in elections should be common sense; ask Governor Sandoval to do the right thing, sign these bills into law.
Senate Bill 457 would require cities to hold both their primary and general elections within their wards. This system already exists in Las Vegas, and as nonpartisan races candidates often win in the primary by gaining over 50 percent of the vote. In cities like Reno, Sparks, and Henderson, however, candidates run in their ward in the primary election, then citywide in a general. This can, and has, led to candidates who were favored substantially in the primary losing in the general, unable to raise the funds to compete citywide or not having the favor of the voters outside their neighborhood. SB457 would ensure that the residents of each ward have the control to pick their representatives, a principal we see reflected at all other levels of government.


Assembly Bill 441 is a simple bill that would allow the Early Voting-style election centers we all know and love to exist on election day, in addition to precinct voting sites. The bill doesn’t require these sites to exist, so as counties find the resources, they could add these convenient locations where you can vote no matter where you’re registered, as long as you’re within your county. This bill is an important step in bringing an outdated Election Day administration into the 21st century, and will allow more voters to cast full, instead of provisional, ballots on election day.

Assembly Bill 440 is also a simple bill, allowing people to register online or in person at an elections office up to the last day of early voting. Every election, people head to the polls only to find out they missed the registration deadline, or that their registration never made it to the rolls. This bill gives uses the technology available to give people more time to register and participate in our democracy. It also allows people to elect to receive a sample ballot through email, saving paper and making sure late registrants have all the information they need in time to vote.

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  1. All great ideas. I hope they all get signed.