Governor Sandoval: Investigate corporations that are ripping off Nevada’s low wage workers

Nevada Inc., the cabal of big corporate lobbyists who consider our state’s public resources as their private piggy bank, is at it again. This time, they were caught cheating the lowest-paid workers in the state out of millions of dollars.

Voters overwhelmingly approved increasing the state’s minimum wage to a dollar above the federal amount in 2006. If employers provided health care, they were exempt from paying the higher minimum wage. Last week, we learned that giant corporations were skirting this law with impunity. TakeAction

Fat cat lobbyists for big business subverted the will of the people by inserting the word “offer” instead of “provide” health care in the minimum wage regulations. So a corporation can offer health care at a price workers can’t afford, and exempt itself from paying the extra dollar an hour for minimum wage!

How did they change the law without going through the legislative process? Much the same way gold mining lobbyists subverted the process by writing in the administrative code huge tax loopholes that the Legislature never authorized.


But thousands of workers whose paychecks are getting shorted need our help now. Click here to demand Governor Sandoval immediately investigate how Nevada’s wealthiest corporations have stolen millions of dollars of wages from our lowest paid workers.