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The Nevada Mining Association just can’t handle the truth.

The mining industry is not happy about recent coverage they’ve received from KSNV, Southern Nevada’s local NBC station and their investigative reporter, Reed Cowan. They’ve lashed out at KSNV by pulling advertising dollars used to support programming that serves the people of Southern Nevada.Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 4.32.29 PM


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Station owner Jim Rogers sends along his statement, where he makes it clear: he will not succumb to mining’s bullying

The following is his statement:

KSNV NEWS 3, the NBC television affiliate for southern Nevada, station owner Jim Rogers reacts to Nevada Mining Association pulling thousands of advertising dollars after station airs investigation into their taxes paid. Rogers states: ”We don’t succumb to blackmail.“

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Jim Rogers states:

Last week Channel 3 ran a four part investigative series on taxes paid by international companies for the billions of dollars of gold and other precision metals taken out of Nevada.

These mining companies and their lobbyists are upset about the series of news reports and therefore, the Nevada Mining Association cancelled several thousand dollars of advertising on Channel 3.

Let me comment on their actions.

We stand by the accuracy of these reports.

The Nevada Mining Association is certainly free to buy advertising wherever it wants.

But if the mining association was hoping to influence Channel 3’s coverage by bullying us, it didn’t work and never will.  These are the tactics of an industry that uses 1950’s bullying to get its way.  Those tactics would never have worked against us and never will. Nevada legislators too often have backed down on legislation that would have made the mining industry pay the true value to the state of Nevada for what it takes from the state.

The bullying may get the association the results it wants from the legislature but the bullying will never stop us from reporting the truth.

We don’t succumb to blackmail.



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  1. Thanks to Channel 3, Reed Cowan and Jim Rogers for their work on this story. The mining legacy left in Nevada will require long term management and costs that we are only now beginning to realize. They need to pay more in taxes for taking the gold out of the state, and need to pay more to establish funds that will remediate the mess that the entire industry has given Nevada. Glenn Miller